Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.45 Release Date Announcement

Final Fantasy Patch XIV
Final Fantasy Patch XIV

Today’s article is all about the exciting announcement of the release date for Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.45, which we just received a few minutes ago. Surprisingly, the release date is set for the 18th of July, which is just five days away. This is quite unexpected, considering there were no prior announcements leading up to this revelation. The timing seems to fall into the pattern of an eight-week gap after the big main patch.

The announcement was made in an intriguing way, with a sneak peek of Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.45 teased, urging us not to miss it before its release on Tuesday, July 18th. I’m thrilled about this upcoming patch.

However, the sudden announcement, also means we won’t be receiving a letter from the producer before the patch’s release.

Additionally, the special site has been updated to reflect the new patch. A green dot on the webpage indicates recent updates, and here we can see a picture of the Blue Mage gear, which looks rather appealing. Though personally, I haven’t delved into the content related to Blue Mage yet, The new gear is enticing, and it might just motivate players to explore this content further.

The site also features some advertisements for the Variant and Criterion Dungeon Finder, adding to the anticipation of what this new patch will bring.

Anticipating Good Rewards and New Content

I am truly hopeful that the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV 6.45 patch will bring exciting rewards for players. One adorable addition is the new Ninja Puppy – it’s undeniably cute! And Mr Hilly Brand’s pixelated version looks very cool as well.

Speaking of new features, there’s a delightful emote that caught my attention. I wonder what content will grant it; hopefully, it won’t be the sole reward, but it does look impressive.

My excitement grows as I spot what could be the Criterion mount. Mounts are always fantastic rewards as they appeal to all players and add a great sense of accomplishment. Universal gear sets, akin to what we receive in PvP, are also something I’m fond of. Though I’ve only reached a diamond rank in PvP, I’m determined to improve further.

Additionally, the blue mage’s level cap has been raised to 80, as expected. I’d like to hear others’ feedback on whether it’s enjoyable to delve into this content.

As we eagerly await Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.45’s release, I’ll be busy preparing and working on my Glamour Sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.45?

Answer: The release date for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.45 is July 18, 2023.

What new features can players expect in Patch 6.45?

Patch 6.45 will bring several exciting additions, including the long-awaited Blue Mage update with an increased level cap to 80, a new Manderville Weapon Quest, a Splendorous Tools Quest, a Second Variant/Criterion Dungeon, and Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures.

Will the new patch be overwhelming for new players?

Answer: The developers of Final Fantasy XIV usually split big patches into two parts to avoid overwhelming players. The upcoming Patch 6.45 will bring significant new content, but the developers often release additional features at a later date to allow players to experience them gradually.

What can we expect from the upcoming Live Letter during the Fan Festival?

The next Live Letter, scheduled during the Fan Festival on July 29, might offer a first teaser for the next expansion. However, it is uncertain if any reveals will occur this month or be saved for the Fan Festival in Japan.

When will players with an active subscription and Endwalker access be able to experience Patch 6.45?

Players with an active subscription and Endwalker access can experience Patch 6.45 on its official release date, July 18, 2023. The patch will bring a variety of content to cater to different kinds of players, ensuring an exciting experience for everyone.

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