Top 15 Baldur’s Gate 3 Tips and Tricks for PC lovers

Baldur’s Gate 3 Tips and Tricks
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The anticipation for Baldur’s Gate 3 is reaching its peak, and avid fans are brimming with excitement! As the release draws near, I can’t resist sharing my enriching experience of playing this game for a solid five months. In this piece, I’ll delve into some of the most vital tips and tricks, ones you might not have come across elsewhere. Now, you might be wondering how I could have possibly explored this game before its official launch. Well, here’s a little secret: it actually made its debut on consoles back in 2020. So, while we’ve had a taste of it there, there’s no doubt that the PC version could bring a few delightful surprises, perhaps with diverse missions and settings. Nonetheless, the core principles remain unchanged, and I assure you, there’s plenty to unravel. Without further ado, let’s embark on a thrilling journey to unearth the hidden gems of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Tips and Tricks: KEY TAKEAWAYS

  1. The article shares essential tips and tricks for Baldur’s Gate 3, enriching the gaming experience.
  2. The Karmic Dice setting can impact dice rolls and enemy behavior; experiment wisely.
  3. Utilize “inspiration” in dialogues for re-rolls by completing specific goals with companions.
  4. Build a synergistic party and adapt to maximize interactions and immersion.
  5. Feather Fall spell proves crucial for accessing dangerous areas and shortcuts during conflicts.

Top 15 Baldur’s Gate 3 Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Selecting Your Class and Race

Having covered some valuable tips and tricks for Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s evident that many newcomers found them beneficial. As we delve deeper into the Early Access, and with further exploration, I’m excited to share additional insights relevant to the full version of Baldur’s Gate 3. Although things might change in the future, the current list remains consistent in the final game.

Tip 2: The Karmic Dice Setting

While it may appear paradoxical, the karmic dice setting warrants attention. It aims to balance the chances of all dice rolls, reducing the possibility of consecutive bad outcomes. Yet, this mechanic works both ways, impacting NPCs, including enemies. According to a Reddit post by AK David XY, enabling karmic dice could take up to 400 per cent more damage, as enemies may hit you more frequently. While not officially confirmed by Larian Studios, my experience, and others suggest that turning it off after the beach crash scene may lead to better outcomes. Though results may vary, it’s worth experimenting with this setting to optimize your gameplay

Tip 3: Unleash the Power of Inspiration

In dialogues, encountering unfavourable rolls doesn’t spell doom. Introducing “inspiration” – a resource granting you re-rolls. Completing specific goals for your companions rewards you with up to four stacks of inspiration. Shadowheart, for instance, rewards you with inspiration points when you work with her on heroic and beneficial acts like saving people. By strategically utilizing these re-rolls, you can substantially affect the results of crucial conversations and increase your power over your character’s destiny.

Tip 4: Embrace Character Synergies

Utilise the most of the character overlap in your party. Persuade others and strengthen bonds by creating a team that is equal and adjusting your behaviour to your teammates’ tastes. The interactions among the members of your party are influenced by the distinct characteristics as well as preferences of every member, further immersing you in the delightful Baldur’s Gate environment.

Tip 5: Maximizing Hit Chance in Dark Areas

In Baldur’s Gate 3, where missed attacks can have serious effects on you and your allies, having a significant hit chance is essential. Dark places, like the Underdark, present more difficulties. Many of the game’s races have the ability to see up to 12 metres in total blackout thanks to their Dark Vision, but only the Drow have Superior Dark Vision, which increases their field of vision to 24 metres. However, the lack of Dark Vision in humans and halflings may limit their usefulness in low-light conditions. Cast the light cantrip on party members like Lizelle to prevent sight disadvantages in certain locations as a way to get around this. Light reveals to be more important than first thought.

Tip 6: Utilizing AOE Abilities Without Targeting

Without the requirement for particular targets, area-of-effect (AOE) skills like Bless or Bane are extremely useful. Take a risky journey where the team must battle swarms of zombie monsters. The adept magician casts Bless among their allies, enhancing their skills and fortifying their resolve. A group of tough opponents are engulfed in a crippling aura while the rogue releases Bane in the meantime. The group receives a tactical edge by strategically using AOE spells, influencing the result of the combat with a single, strategically situated invocation.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Tips and Tricks
Image Credit: Larian Studios

Tip 7:Selective Consumption of Supplies

Some of the items you discover can be ingested to regain health, but not all of them can. Be aware that not all meals will restore health during combat, and Larian may have tweaked this function even more in the entire game. While there are some limited food alternatives for health restoration, don’t rely on them substantially for healing while engaged in battle.

Tip 8: The Importance of Feather Fall

Feather Fall is a spell in Baldur’s Gate 3. Feather Fall is a level 1 spell from the “Transmutation school”. Spells are often used to injure opponents, create status illnesses, enhance characters, or have an effect on the environment.
A spell called Feather Fall, which shields the whole party from the effects of falling, should be available to at least one member of your party. During conflicts, Feather Fall becomes beneficial for melee fighters and gives them access to dangerous locations and shortcuts. When a character dives into the massive pit in the Whispering Depths, this spell becomes very importan

Image Credit: Larian Studios

Tip 9: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Huge Pit

Previously advised against jumping into the pit, it turns out Feather Fall is the key to safely exploring this mysterious abyss. Utilize Feather Fall to access the Underdark and uncover its hidden secrets. Beware, though, as powerful adversaries patrol the area where you land.

Tip 10: Fully Rest at Your Camp Before Crucial Moments

Prioritize fully resting at your camp before engaging in significant events or dialogue scenes. This practice ensures access to all party members’ ability bonuses, increasing your chances of success in critical roles. For players aiming to achieve optimal outcomes in dialogue interactions, adhering to this tip is vital.

Tip 11: Stacked Boxes for Height Advantage

A nifty trick that not many players are aware of is the ability to stack boxes and other containers to reach elevated places. Using different containers as platforms, you can jump onto higher areas, proving particularly useful for characters with limited jumping abilities, like sorcerers and wizards. Experiment with the placement of stacked boxes to create effective platforms that grant you access to otherwise unreachable spots.

Tip 12: Efficient Selling With Vendor Camping

When you have a surplus of equipment and valuables to sell, consider stationing yourself next to a vendor and then heading to your Camp to retrieve items from the storage chest. Returning to the vendor’s location after leaving the Camp allows you to swiftly sell off your collected valuables. Just remember, traders in Baldur’s Gate 3 don’t have infinite gold, so selling items frequently is advised. The traders’ gold does replenish during long rests, making regular selling a wise practice.

Tip 13 Utilize the Tab for Quick Party Inventory

PC players should take advantage of the Tab key, which brings up the inventories of all party members. This feature streamlines the process of selling unwanted items and facilitates easy swapping of equipment between characters. Don’t overlook this handy shortcut, as it significantly enhances inventory management and gameplay efficiency.

Image Credit: Larian Studios

Tip 14: Highlighting Items for Enhanced Visibility

In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, numerous items and interactable might blend into the environment, making them challenging to spot. An invaluable tip is using the Alt key (or the key bound to highlight) to accentuate items in close proximity. This simple yet effective technique helps reveal hidden items, ensuring you take advantage of essential resources during your adventures.

Tip 15: Barbarians Can Toss More Than Just Items

Calling all barbarians! Did you know you have the power to throw creatures and objects? Indeed, as a barbarian, you can toss creatures off cliffs or away from your group. This ability adds an amusing and tactical dimension to your character, offering creative ways to deal with foes and obstacles.

Final Thought

Remember, the joy of Baldur’s Gate 3 lies in discovering new strategies and uncovering hidden mechanics. As you venture through the captivating world of Baldur’s Gate 3, these additional tips and tricks will undoubtedly aid you in overcoming challenges and maximizing your experience in this enthralling realm. Remember to adapt your strategies, as the game may evolve with time, and embrace the potential for innovative approaches to thrive in this unbelievable journey! Share your own tips and tricks with the community, as your insights may prove invaluable to fellow adventurers.

Can I choose any class and race combination in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Yes, you are able to choose any race and class combination in Baldur’s Gate 3’s complete edition. Choose carefully during your first playtime, but keep in mind that your decision will continue to have a big impact on how the game interacts.

What is the Karmic Dice setting, and how does it affect gameplay?

The Karmic Dice setting attempts to equalise the odds of each dice roll, lowering the likelihood of a string of unfavourable results. Enabling it might make adversaries attack you more frequently, perhaps increasing your damage by up to 400% while increasing your odds of succeeding. To improve your gaming experience, you can experiment with this setting, although the results may vary.

How can I earn and use Inspiration in dialogues?

You can reroll conversation rolls while using the resource called Inspiration. By accomplishing certain objectives for your buddies, you might get motivation. You may receive inspiration points by collaborating with Shadowheart on noble deeds like helping people. By strategically using these re-rolls, you may significantly influence the outcomes of important dialogues and strengthen your control over the course of your character.

How can I maximize hit chance in dark areas like the Underdark?

An essential skill for navigating in the dark is dark vision. Drow have Superior Dark Vision, which extends their field of vision to 24 metres in utter darkness, however, many races only have this talent and can see up to 12 metres in total darkness. As an alternative, you can use the “light” cantrip on party members to eliminate sight limitations in specific areas and increase your hit probability.

Are there any specific tips for inventory management and selling items efficiently?

Use the Tab key to swiftly view the inventories of all party members so that you can manage your inventory efficiently. Additionally, think about setting up shop right next to a vendor. Then, go to your Camp to get your belongings from the storage chest, and come back to the vendor to sell your loot. Remember that Baldur’s Gate 3’s traders don’t have unlimited gold, thus regular selling is required.

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