Top 10 Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact


The Pyro Chracters in Genshin Impact: Discover the power of Pyro, granting access to potent reactions. Ranking the best Pyro characters, from Bennett to Hu Tao. Unleash their strength in your team!”

The Pyro characters in Genshin Impact are widely known as one of the best elements in the game, granting access to powerful reactions like melt and vaporize. Many powerful characters in Genshin Impact utilize the Pyro element, making it an essential part of many teams.

Diverse Element

Most teams in Genshin Impact include at least one Pyro character due to the element’s incredible diversity. Pyro characters often serve as pivot characters, adding flexibility and synergy to team compositions.

Ranking the Pyro Characters

In this analysis, we’ll explore the best Pyro characters in Genshin Impact, ranked in order of their effectiveness.

10) Amber

Amber is one of the game’s free starter characters, but unfortunately, she is often considered the weakest character. While all characters in Genshin Impact are viable, Amber’s damage output is relatively low, and she can feel clunky to play.

9) Xinyan

Xinyan’s kit can be confusing since it blends defense and attack skills. While she can work as a supporting character with her shield or as a main DPS specializing in physical damage, she doesn’t excel in either role without significant investment.

8) Toma

Toma is the game’s newest Pyro character from the region of Inazuma. While he may not be the most potent Pyro character, Toma introduces unique ways to utilize the element, offering players more options for team composition.

7) Yanfei

Yanfei is a decent main DPS character with strong single-target damage. Although she falls short when compared to some other Pyro DPS characters like Hu Tao or Diluc, she remains a viable choice and is more accessible as a four-star character.

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6) Yoimiya

Yoimiya’s release was met with controversy due to some issues with her kit as a bow user focused on normal attacks. Her area-of-effect damage is lacking, but her single-target damage is competitive with other main DPS characters in the game

5) Xiangling

Xiangling is considered one of the strongest sub-DPS characters in the game, capable of dealing extremely high amounts of damage with her elemental bursts. She, alongside Bennett, forms the cornerstone of some of the strongest teams in Genshin Impact, both in national and international compositions. Her strength lies in her unique mechanics, with her burst being able to proc Pyro on every hit, leading to powerful elemental reactions. At Constellation 4, her burst becomes even more potent. Best of all, Xiangling is completely free for all players.

4) Klee

Unfortunately, Klee has fallen out of the current meta. While she deals significant damage, she is a squishy character and requires some skilful play to fully utilize her potential. The challenge lies in managing her difficulty, which might not always match the rewards. Despite this, Klee remains a capable main DPS character with impressive damage output.

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3) Diluc

Diluc offers a similar role to Klee but falls short compared to many of the modern main DPS characters in the game. Nevertheless, Diluc still deals substantial damage and can clear any content. However, investing in other characters might be more rewarding in the current meta. If you like Diluc, he can serve as a strong option as your carry, but he has somewhat fallen out of favor.

2) Hu Tao

Claiming the top spot is Hu Tao, and though this placement might be controversial, it’s justified. Hu Tao’s potential shines the most when her first constellation is unlocked and she wields her signature weapon, the Staff of Homa. Her single-target damage is exceptional and comparable to some of the strongest characters in the game. However, her strength comes at a price – she is an expensive character to build. To unlock her immense damage potential, substantial investment is necessary. Despite her high costs, Hu Tao remains a powerful force on the battlefield.

1) Bennett

Bennett takes the crown as one of the most valued characters in Genshin Impact. Once considered a discount Diluc, he has now earned widespread recognition as the strongest buffer in the game. His attack boosts significantly enhances damage output for almost any team composition. Additionally, his healing capabilities are sufficient to keep your party healthy during battles. Not to be underestimated, Bennett can also deal substantial damage with his elemental skills and burst. He is a must-have in almost every team, and only a few compositions don’t fully appreciate his presence. Undoubtedly, Bennett stands as one of the strongest characters in Genshin’s impact overall.

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These are all the Pyro characters, ranked from worst to best. If you found this article informative, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and share your favorite Pyro character in the comments. Take care, my dear fellow adventurers, and may your Genshin Impact journeys be filled with success!

 Frequently Asked Question

Why do most teams include at least one Pyro character?
Answer: Pyro characters add diversity and synergy to team compositions, serving as pivot characters.

Which Pyro character is considered the strongest in Genshin Impact?
Answer: Bennett is widely recognized as the strongest buffer and a must-have in almost every team.

Is Hu Tao a powerful Pyro character despite the investment required to unlock her full potential?
Answer: Yes, Hu Tao’s single-target damage is exceptional, and she remains a powerful force on the battlefield.

Who are the other top Pyro characters, and what are their strengths?
Answer: Xiangling, Klee, and Diluc are strong Pyro characters, each offering unique mechanics and impressive damage output.

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