Genshin Impact Best Venti Build: Weapon, Artifact, Constellation Abilities, and DPS Build


You’ve probably come across Venti, a mysterious child who talks with a dragon-like beast outside of Mondstadt, if you’ve managed to make it past the introductory chapters of Genshin Impact. He may be a wine-loving, free-spirited bard, but his bow strikes and wind skills make him an excellent explorer and combatant. Here’s what you need to know if you’re desperate to have him join your tea: So today we are going to discuss Venti build.

Venti Lore

 Venti is the mortal form of Barbatos, the Anemo Archon who adopted mortal form amid the Archon War. He has a lively, cheerful personality and is widely known for his affection for music and drink. Besides being the cosmic ruler of Mondstadt, he leads the Knights of Favonius. Venti has a laid-back disposition, yet he is kind and always eager to assist those in need. He is a figure of liberty and equity who is always willing to speak to defend his views.

Character NameVenti
TitleWindborne Bard
AffiliationMondstadt, Knights of Favonius, Freedom-loving
RoleSupport, Anemo DPS
ConstellationSplitting Gales
DescriptionVenti is a free-spirited bard with wind powers, known for talking to a dragon-like creature.


Venti’s Playstyle and Abilities

Venti’s gameplay is focused on crowd control, Anemo reflexes, and elemental resistance shred. His skills are very effective at grouping adversaries, dealing damage, and generating energy to power the party. Furthermore, he has the unique ability to produce wind currents, allowing for seamless exploration and reduced stamina use when gliding. He is a versatile opponent due to his bow assaults and wind skills.

How to Obtain Venti

Contrary to the main characters in the tale, Venti can’t be acquired through normal gameplay. To unlock him, use the gacha system in Genshin Impact. You will need to wait until Venti appears on a different banner because all of his event banners have already expired. To obtain him, you’ll need to gather resources, including primo gems, stardust, and star glitter. A required amount of 160 primo gems, 75 stardust, or 5-star glitter is needed for every single wish attempt.

In Genshin Impact, making a wish means choosing a banner that includes Venti and then utilizing the associated destinies to roll for a chance to obtain him. The result is totally up to chance, and there is no surefire technique to get him the first time. The game does, however, have a compassion mechanism in place. For the majority of banners, every 10 rolls ensure a 4-star character or item, and every 90 rolls, with improved chances on the 76th roll, guarantee a 5-star character or item.

The Support Build for Venti is quite useful in Genshin Impact. He adds tremendous value to any squad with his skills in both fighting and exploration. While getting him requires some luck and good resource management, your chances will increase if you keep up with the game’s banners and frequently visit the desired menu. Watch out for upcoming occasions and in-game transactions because they can present more chances to get Venti.

Venti’s Abilities and Combos

VisionWindborne Bard
Base ATK48
Base DEF758
Base HP957
Elemental SKDivine Marksmanship
Elemental BUSkyward Sonnet

Abyssal Challenges and the Inking Technique For Venti

In Abyss challenges, Venti’s power truly shines, especially when facing off against level 100 spectres. The “Inking Technique” is an intriguing hidden approach that not many people are aware of. It entails sucking in these big, bulky foes with Venti’s blast. Previously, only Whopperflowers, Slimes, and other larger enemies could be attracted by Venti’s burst, but not spectres. But now that you know how to do it, you can combat these strong foes and save your sanity.

Venti  DPS Build

Now let’s move on to my Venti DPS build and how devastating he can be. A little backstory: Venti was my first limited five-star character. I wished for him on his banner during my early Adventure Rank days, right after completing Childe’s quest. While he wasn’t my first five-star character, he quickly became my highest-constellation character. I went all the way to C2, and now he’s crowned and level 90.

Here is a quick look at one of the most popular Venti DPS builds:

WeaponR3  Skyward Harp  
Alternative Choices Polar Star, Mouun’s Moon 
Recommended Artifact SetViridescent Venerer x2, Thundering Fury x2, Noblesse Obligex2 
Artifact StatsSands: ATK% , Goblet: Anemo DMG Bonus%, Circl: – Crit Rate/DMG 
Priority Sub-Stats 1: Critical Rate/DMG, Attack Percentage (ATK%), Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery 


Venti Best Weapons

For Venti’s weapon, I have the R3 Skyward Harp, which provides a significant boost to his damage output. As for his artifacts, I currently have a two-piece Thundering Fury set and a two-piece Viridescent Venerer set. Although I’m considering switching to a two-piece Noblesse Oblige set for the Elemental Burst damage bonus, I haven’t found suitable pieces yet.

Venti Constellation

With Venti at C2 and fully outfitted, he emerges as a formidable opponent. He can do a ton of damage to foes with the help of the Skyward Harp’s powers and his potent elemental burst. It is amazing to watch him in action. Venti’s adaptability comes from his easy transition between fighting and exploration.

Venti’s Ultimate Team Comps: Unleashing Elemental Reactions!

  1. The Frost Fury:

Sub-DPS: Venti
Main DPS: Ayaka
Support: Diona
Support: Mona
Any Freeze-focused team’s foundation is formed by Venti, who demonstrates his special talent for absorbing and swirling ice while his adversaries are buried in hydro. These characters work together to provide powerful Frozen responses, and you may even try using Ganyu as the main DPS or Shenhe as a potential Diona substitute.

  1. Electrifying Havoc:

Sub-DPS: Venti
Main DPS: Ayato
Sub-DPS: Fischl
Support: Bennett
Take advantage of the energising force of this team competition, where Venti is in charge of rounding up adversaries for a barrage of proccing Elemental Reactions. It’s important to start with a hydrodynamic swirl before unleashing the electric electro-charged mayhem.

Venti is a vital member of any squad thanks to his extraordinary adaptability and crowd-control skills. Along with the Windborne Bard, embrace the power of the wind, experiment with alternative pairings, and unleash the full potential of your squad!

Venti’s DPS in Action

 Artifact Troubles

Venti Build

Although Venti has clear DPS potential, it might be difficult to acquire artifacts that are appropriate for him. His goblet and circlet currently on him have an insufficient 1900 attack and 64210 HP. I will ultimately locate better parts, though, to increase his damage output.

 The DPS Venti Team

Let’s go into the team that I use with my DPS Venti now. The lineup consists of Venti, Bennett for defence and attack boosts, Zhongli for his shield, and Xiangling as an Anemo buffer. Venti’s full potential as an explosive damage dealer is displayed by this group as a whole.

Testing Venti’s Damage

Venti’s burst proves to be an enormous threat as we reach the realms. The incredible damage he deals—7K, 6K, and even 56K—sucks opponents in and demonstrates his enormous potential. Venti’s elemental burst is a game-changer despite the artefact difficulties, especially when used in conjunction with his friends.

Commissions and Impromptu Battles

Due to a mistake, our original plan to carry out commissions fell through, so we decided to test Venti’s combat skills against more challenging foes instead. We fight Senora, Skirmish, and perhaps even Raiden later to evaluate his performance in various circumstances..

Final Thought

The way DPS Venti performed was beyond all expectations and showed that he has the potential to be a strong and versatile character. Even if it’s still difficult to find the appropriate artefacts and solvents, Venti’s skills are nonetheless impressive. I’m curious to see how Venti’s power develops even more as I continue to hone his build and experiment with other team setups.

DPS Venti has demonstrated his potential as a strong and adaptable character and has become a force to be reckoned with. He is a great choice for taking on difficult monsters like the consecrated creatures and tricky spiral abyss floors because of his ability to draw enemies towards his burst talent, which gives him a huge edge in a variety of situations.

While Venti’s build is still being refined, his performance has regularly stood out, demonstrating his potential as a DPS character. Venti’s ultimate power is completely unlocked with the help of devoted team members like Ayaka, Kokomi, and Xingqiu, resulting in deadly combinations and heavy damage.

DPS Venti continues to be a mainstay in my lineup even as I experiment with new tactics and team setups. Even though the path to perfect artefacts and solvents may be difficult, the benefits are unquestionably worthwhile. As I work to maximise Venti’s potential, I look forward to seeing him develop and gain strength in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which build is better for Venti?

For Venti’s best build, consider either the 4-piece Viridescent Venerer or 4-piece Noblesse Oblige artifact sets. The Viridescent Venerer set enhances Venti’s elemental burst and boosts allies’ attacks on enemies caught within it, making it the top option.

What is the F2P bow for Venti?

The best F2P weapon for Venti is the “King’s Squire” bow, which can be obtained through fishing. It provides energy recharge and increases the user’s attack after using an elemental skill.

Is Venti a DPS or support?

Venti shines best as a support character, but he also has innate DPS potential if you choose to build him that way.

What is Venti’s weakness?

Surprisingly, despite his wind-related powers and being an archon, Venti is weak to cats. Additionally, Kazuha’s unique crowd control ability allows him to pull heavier enemies towards the party, making them easier to attack.

Is Venti actually powerful?

Absolutely! Venti, also known as the Anemo Archon Barbatos, has protected Mondstadt for thousands of years. While he may be considered the weakest among the Archons, he still possesses formidable Archon-level power.

Is Venti good without constellations?

Yes, Venti remains a strong character even without constellations. While his constellations can enhance his performance, he’s still a great asset to your team without them.

Is C6 Venti worth it?

Definitely! C6 Venti is worth it as his sixth constellation not only improves his ability to shred enemies’ Anemo resistance but also adds a supportive passive that reduces enemies’ resistance to the element absorbed by his burst.

Who is the best support for Venti?

For the DPS slot, consider Ayaka or Ganyu, as their attacks benefit greatly when enemies are grouped together by Venti’s burst. As for Cryo support, choose from Diona, Shenhe, or Rosaria based on your playstyle.

Who was Venti’s best friend?

Venti, also known as Barbatos, currently takes on the form of his best friend, The Unnamed Bard. His friend lost his life during the battle against the god of storms, Dercarbian while trying to reclaim Mondstadt from his tyrannical rule.

Why is Venti attractive?

Venti’s allure lies in his intriguing lore, cheerful and playful personality, unique hairstyle and colours, exceptional crowd control abilities, and versatility for both travel and combat.

Why is Venti so hard to get?

Acquiring Venti requires wishing on the limited-time Ballad in Goblets banner, and the chances of obtaining a five-star character like Venti are only 0.6 per cent. Despite the challenge, he’s worth pursuing due to his potent crowd-control abilities and overall usefulness.

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