Rediscovering Atelier Arland: A Trio of Colorful JRPG Adventures


Three fantastic games are included in the Atelier Arland Series Deluxe Pack for the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch. This package gives users the opportunity to go through this well-liked JRPG series once again and observe the improvements made since the PS Vita release.

It is advised that you play each game in sequence if this is your first time playing this series. Jumping between them runs the danger of giving away part of what happens in each one. Playing them sequentially also gives you the opportunity to see how each game changes and advances from the one before it.

 You play an alchemist who is thrust into the limelight in each of the games for a different cause. First, you take on the role of Rorona, who, with Astrid’s help, must complete timed tasks for the King to demonstrate the value of alchemy to the realm. A few years after the first, in the city of Arland, you take on the role of Totori, who is looking for her missing mother. Meruru, who seeks to establish her empire via the power of alchemy, is the last. Each of these people has a distinct personality and plot, which makes every encounter unique.

The anime aesthetic and feel of this game are something I truly like. All of the games are colorful, and I’d say they have a nice vibe. The game has a wide variety of characters and amazing artwork for the story segments. Although the visuals are not realistic, the game looks excellent and plays well. Although it may not appeal to everyone who doesn’t play many of these Japanese video games, the anime aesthetic matches this game.

In order to progress in the game, you must perform missions, usually within a certain amount of time. To do this, you must gather resources, fight creatures outside of the game area, and then create equipment that will help you and your character in the quests. This is easy to do in each game and serves as an excellent introduction to the typical grind seen in JRPGs. However, if you want to go through all three games, the systems might get a little tedious and repetitive.

The hardest difficulty in this game is managing your time. Every action costs your character energy and takes up time. The majority of tasks have time restrictions, so you must keep track of everything you complete. Time is spent exploring new locations, battling enemies, creating stuff, and relaxing. Make sure you have enough time to do every task and see the narrative through.

You will sometimes need to engage in combat with creatures in order to navigate the global map. Understanding the strengths of your crew will be the key to success in the turn-based battle. As you go through the game, additional characters become available for you to use in combat. It’s enjoyable to use new characters in the fight since the side characters in this game are fantastic. You only need to be aware that this game doesn’t take itself too seriously if you want to get the most out of it.

The vast variety of individuals you’ll meet during the plot and the in-depth backstories of each of the key characters is this game’s strongest features. You will love following the three games’ primary Alchemist narratives as they evolve since they are well-developed. Although there is a lot of substance in this bundle, it is best consumed in moderate doses to prevent weariness.

Final thoughts

The slower pacing of the grind is a wonderful way to savor the tale, so this isn’t the most conventional JRPG out there. I really loved playing through each of the games, and the character tales are nicely thought out. The game is engaging and keeps you on your toes as you play because of the time management component. Overall, this package is unquestionably worthwhile to play through and takes the series into the present on contemporary systems just in time for the release of the next installment.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Atelier Arland Series Deluxe Pack?

The Atelier Arland Series Deluxe Pack is a collection of three well-liked JRPG games for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It offers players the chance to experience the series again and witness the enhancements made since its initial release on the PS Vita.

Can I play the games in any order?

It’s recommended to play the games in sequence, as each one builds upon the previous installment. Jumping between them might reveal plot details prematurely and hinder your understanding of the evolving storylines and gameplay mechanics.

What’s the gameplay premise of these games?

In each game, you assume the role of an alchemist thrust into unique circumstances. You’ll complete tasks to demonstrate the value of alchemy, search for a missing mother, and aid in establishing an empire through alchemical power. Each character’s distinct personality and plot contribute to unique and engaging encounters.

How to do the gameplay and combat work?

To progress, you’ll undertake missions within specified timeframes. This involves resource gathering, battling creatures, and crafting equipment. Combat is turn-based, where understanding your characters’ strengths is crucial. Additional characters become available over time, and the game’s light-hearted approach adds to the enjoyment.

What stands out about these games?

The games feature an appealing anime aesthetic, colorful visuals, and a wide array of characters with detailed artwork. The central feature is the in-depth character backstories and evolving narratives across the three games. Time management is a challenge, as every action consumes energy and time, requiring strategic planning. The games’ slower pacing encourages immersion in the tale and offers a unique JRPG experience.

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