Rust 11 Essential Game Tips, Tricks, and Sneaky Strategies


Tip 1: Extinguishing Flames with Squirt Guns If you find yourself being flame-rated, keep a squirt gun handy. Squirt guns can put out flames, providing a useful defense against fire.

Tip 2: Blocking Doors with Blocks You can block doors from being placed right back on by using certain building blocks. However, vending machines can’t be blocked and are stronger than metal walls.

Tip 3: Silent Laddering When attempting to ladder onto someone’s base, try crouch-jumping to reduce noise. This way, you can surprise your target more effectively.

Tip 4: Fire Arrows vs. Mini Copters Direct shots with fire arrows deal 40 percent damage to minicopters. If you spot a pesky mini copter parked on your neighbor’s roof, you can shoot it down in less than 20 arrows.

Tip 5: Escaping from a Raid If you go deep on someone during a raid and they close the door on you, don’t panic. As long as you have a bag within render distance, you can use the console command “kill” to respawn outside their base.

Tip 6: Tricking Enemies with the Scope Trick When enemies are on the other side of a wall, you can trick them by opening the weapon switch menu and switching guns. This way, there’s no pull-out time when the wall gets destroyed, allowing you to shoot them immediately.

Tip 7: Turning Off Furnaces with Squirt Guns Want to slow down your neighbor’s progress? Shoot their furnaces with squirt guns to turn them off temporarily.

Tip 8: Disappearing with Mummy Wrap Underwear If you have the mummy wrap underwear, you can disappear into certain wooden stumps, providing a sneaky hiding spot.

Tip 9: Maximize Head Protection You can achieve 100 percent head protection in Rust by wearing three specific items.

Tip 10: Escape Fall Damage with FPS Limit Trick Limit your friend’s FPS to 2 and jump on their head. You can glide down to the bottom of a fall without taking damage, but your friend will still suffer the fall damage.

Tip 11: Standing on Top of Ladders You can actually stand on top of ladders, which can be handy in certain situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can squirt guns extinguish flames in Rust?

Yes, in Rust, squirt guns can extinguish flames. Keeping a squirt gun handy can provide a useful defense against fire, especially when dealing with flame-rated situations.

How can I effectively escape from a raid in Rust? 

If you find yourself trapped in a raid in Rust and the door is closed on you, there’s a solution. As long as you have a bag within render distance, you can use the console command “kill” to respawn outside the base, giving you a chance to regroup.

What is the FPS limit trick in Rust and how can it be used to escape fall damage?

The FPS limit trick in Rust involves limiting your friend’s FPS to 2 and jumping on their head. While you’ll glide down without taking fall damage, your friend will still suffer fall damage. This can be a clever way to mitigate fall damage while playing together. 

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