Loot and Crate Guide in Rust

Hey guys, In this guide, we’ll be exploring the various crates and loot in Rust. We’ll open up the crates to discover what spawns in each type, identify the number of crates at different monuments, and discuss the best ones to loot. Additionally, we’ll take a look at barrels, scrap, tee, and the scientists’ loot. There is a total of 16 primary, valuable, or common crate types.


Loot and Crate Guide in Rust

There are two types of barrels: blue and tan. Both types share the same loot table, but the tan barrels have 35 HP, while the blue ones have 50 HP. Harvesting these barrels guarantees you scrap, which can be increased with scrap tee.

  • The basic tee yields four scraps per barrel.
  • The advanced tee gives you an alternating amount of scrap, with the first barrel yielding six, and the second yielding seven.
  • Pure scrap cotton yields nine scraps per barrel. Here’s a sample of the loot found within the barrels.

Basic Crates

These crates are found inside monuments and junk piles, making them the most commonly looted crates. You’ll usually find around two random items inside. Here is a sample of the loot chances for the basic crate.

Medical Crates

The medical crates are specific to certain monuments and do not spawn on roads. You can commonly find one item per crate, and they contain various medical items.

Food Crates

The food crates can be found within specific monument spawns. Inside, you’ll typically find three items per crate, consisting of various food items.

Ration Boxes 

Similar to barrels, ration boxes can be found almost everywhere, from outside the monuments to junk piles. Inside, you’ll typically find three items per crate. Here’s the complete set of items you can find inside.

Mine Crates

Found outside and inside caves, the mine crate offers early-game metal tools and resources. They look identical to basic crates but offer less loot. You’ll typically find one item per crate.

Primitive Crates 

These crates are found within small monuments and contain the lowest tier of loot.

Sunken Crates

Sunken crates are a little harder to obtain as they are found underwater, lying on or beside shipwrecks. To locate them, look for the floating bottle on the water’s surface, directly above the loot. You’ll commonly find four items per crate. Here’s a sample of the loot chances for the sunken crate.


Similar to the sunken crate, chests can be found underwater, lying on or beside shipwrecks. However, the loot in chests will be more desirable. You’ll commonly find six items inside. Here’s a sample of the spawn.


 The toolbox is a great find for early-game metal tools, weapons, and armor. It can be found on junk cars and around certain monuments. Inside, you’ll find around two items. Here’s a sample of the loot inside the toolbox.

Military Crates

 Military crates are harder to come by as they are found within radiated monuments and offer high-tier loot. Inside, you’ll commonly find three items. Here’s a sample of the loot chances for the military crate.

Treasure Box 

The treasure box can only be obtained by completing the Vagabond Treasure Mission for the Hunter NPC. Found in the large barn, the mission will cost 25 scraps to start, but the loot inside can make it all worth it. Once you accept the mission, open your map and head toward the mission icon to find the crate. Inside, you can find around six items. Here’s a sample of the loot that can be found.

Supply Drops

Supply drops fall from the sky, dropped by passing planes, which can occur randomly or be called in by players using Supply signals. These drops create hotspots for action, as they are visible and audible across the map. Inside, you’ll commonly find raid aid items. Here’s a sample of the loot that can be found.

Elite Deer Crates

Elite deer crates can be found at specific, heavily guarded locations and provide a significant loot uplift over military crates. You can find them at the top of the launch site, military tunnels, cargo, underwater labs, and the oil rig monuments. Typically, you will find around six items per crate. Here’s a sample of some of the items that can be found inside.

Supply Drops and Chinook Crates

 Chinook crates offer a chance to obtain some of the best loot in the game. They are found in hard-to-reach locations, such as cargo and oil rigs. The Chinook helicopter will also drop one of these crates at a random monument. These crates are globally visible on players’ maps, so it’s crucial to go to one with the proper gear. Typically, you’ll find around 10 items per crate. Here’s a sample of some of the items that can be found inside.

Helicopter Crates 

To obtain the helicopter crate, you must utterly destroy the military helicopter that roams the map at random. This is one of the most important events on a server, and many players are aware of it. Taking down the aircraft necessitates a large amount of ammo, medications, and a strong fighting plan. When the helicopter is destroyed, it drops four crates that will burn for three to four minutes. No one can loot them during this time, but it allows other players to run over and battle over the loot. The fires cannot be doused with a bucket of water, but if the boxes fall into a large pool of water, their fires will be quenched immediately, and, and they become lootable. Helicopter crates commonly contain ammo, armor, attachments, explosives, or gun boxes, along with a chance to find the M249, one of the rarest and most sought-after guns in the game. Here’s a sample of some of the incredible items you can find inside.

APC Crates

Finally, we’ve reached the APC crate, the best lootable crate within the game. To access this crate, you must take down the AI Bradley APC, which is found roaming at the launch site. This task requires multiple rockets and good cover while being completely exposed to other players. Once the APC is destroyed, you’ll find three of these crates, which will remain on fire for around three to four minutes, just like the helicopter crates. However, the APC crates are considered more valuable as they spawn valuable gear more frequently. Each crate will spawn a category of items, such as an ammo box, explosive box, or gun box.

Scientists and Their Loot

  • There are a total of 11 scientists in PCS that can spawn across the map in different biomes or monuments. They may appear to wear the same clothes, but can drop completely different loot.
  • The loot they drop seems to be closely tied to their overall HP. Let’s group them together based on their HP and the loot they drop.
  • Roaming Scientists (115 HP) found along the roads can likely drop two items. Here are the top 10 highest-chance items found on one’s body.
  • Tunnel and Underwater Dwellers (125 HP) drop similar loot and will likely contain three items once killed. Here are the top 10 items by chance you’ll find.
  • Common Bunch (150 HP) contains scientists found in the Arctic, Cargo ships, Excavators, Military Bases, Oil rigs, and Patrol helicopters. They all have identical loot tables, with a few items having different percentages. Once killed, they’ll contain three items. Here are the top 10 items, by chance, you can find on the scientists site.
  • Military Scientists (175 HP) are the strongest non-heavy NPCs and only spawn within military tunnels. They wield deadly weapons like the LR300 or SPAS-12. Once killed, they can contain around three items. Here are the top 10 items, by chance, you can find on the military scientists site.
  • Heavy Scientists (300 HP) are the most aggressive scientists and wield the deadliest weapons, such as the M249 and SPAS-12. They require specific events to be triggered, such as hacking the oil rig lock crate. Once killed, they have the possibility of spawning six items. Here are the top 10 items by chance you can find on the heavy scientists, along with some of the most interesting items that can be found.

Harvesting Scientists

  • All the scientists can be harvested for the same amount of cloth and bones. It’s best to use a knife or hatchet for this purpose.

Monuments and Crate Spawns

  • Now that we know what spawns inside each crate, let’s compare the monuments to see how many crates and their types spawn at each one.
  • The basic crate category combines the basic tan crate with the blue underwater crates since they have the same loot table.
  • The other category includes tools, ammo, tech, and explosive boxes.
  • The military crate category combines both the green military crate and the yellow underwater crate.
  • It’s interesting to see how many crates the launch site spawns compared to other monuments. However, it lacks spawning lock crates.
  • Additionally, the underwater labs are challenging to measure as each one is randomly generated, but this is a rough estimate of what you might find between two different labs.

So, we discuss each possible crate and loot that exists in Rust, and I hope you enjoy the article.

 Frequently asked questions:

1.What types of crates are available in Rust?

Rust offers various crate types, including basic, medical, food, and more, each with distinct loot.

2. Where can I find sunken crates and chests in Rust?

You can find sunken crates and chests in underwater locations, providing valuable loot in Rust.

3. What sets APC crates apart in Rust’s loot system?

APC crates in Rust’s loot system provide unique and valuable gear, obtainable by defeating the AI Bradley APC.

4. How does loot drop from scientists based on their HP in Rust?

Scientists in Rust drop loot based on their HP, ranging from roaming scientists to heavy scientists.

5. How can I maximize scrap yield from barrels in Rust?

Scrap yield from barrels in Rust can be increased using scrap tees, yielding various amounts of scrap.

6. What are the loot chances for basic crates in Rust?

Basic crates in Rust contain around two random items, making them commonly looted crates.

7. What can I expect to find inside medical crates in Rust?

Medical crates in Rust, specific to certain monuments, contain various medical items, offering essential supplies.

8. Where are food crates typically found in Rust?

Food crates in Rust can be found in specific monument spawns, providing a variety of food items.

9. What makes sunken crates in Rust unique and how can I locate them?

Sunken crates in Rust are found underwater near shipwrecks, and locating them involves spotting floating bottles on the water’s surface.

10. How do military crates and elite deer crates differ in Rust?

Military crates and elite deer crates offer varying levels of loot quality in Rust, with the latter found in guarded locations.

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