Rust: The Prototype 17 – A New Burst Pistol in Game Complete Guide


Explore Prototype 17, a three-round burst pistol, with attachments, stats, and the exciting new Burst Module for headshots. 

Rust: The Prototype 17

Hey guys, Today, we’ll be talking about the new addition to the Rust: the Prototype 17, a three-round burst military-grade pistol. In this guide, we’ll explore how to acquire Prototype 17, its stats, attachments, and the burst module.

How to Acquire the Prototype 17

Rust: The Prototype 17

Prototype 17 is a powerful military-grade weapon that cannot be crafted. Instead, it can only be found in High-tier crates. These crates include the locked crate, help crates, ABC crates, heavy scientists, elite crates, and supply drops. For more details on the locations of these crates, check out my loot guide.

Recoil Pattern and Performance of Prototype 17 in Rust

Now, let’s take a look at the recoil pattern of Prototype 17. To provide a basis for comparison, we’ll start by examining the recoil of the M92 semi-auto pistol.

As we can see, the M92 excels in recall control. However, the new Prototype 17 still offers excellent control considering its fast three-round burst. Let me demonstrate what a typical use case might look like while attempting to control the recoil.

Aim Cone Comparison of the Prototype 17 in Rust

An important aspect of any weapon is its aim cone, which represents the bullet’s deviation over a distance from the center. Let’s compare the aim cones of several pistols to understand the performance of Prototype 17.

  1. P17 Semi-Pistol and Revolver: Spread of 1.31 meters at 100 meters distance.
  2. M92: Spread of 1.75 meters at 100 meters distance.
  3. Python: Spread of 0.87 meters at 100 meters distance.

Prototype 17 showcases commendable aim cone performance compared to these other pistols.

The Prototype 17: Stats and Damage 

Rust: The Prototype 17

The Prototype 17 deals 40 damage up close to the chest, with a burst cyclic rate of fire of 667 rounds per minute. If we include the burst pause, the effective burst rate of fire is 360 rounds per minute. This translates to a cyclic DPS of 445 and an effective DPS of 240.

Toggle Between Burst and Single Fire Mode in the Prototype 17

One of the notable features of Prototype 17 is its ability to toggle between burst and single-fire modes. By pressing ‘M’ while in single-fire mode, you can switch to burst mode seamlessly. When in single-fire mode, the DPS of Prototype 17 drops to 355.

Prototype 17 Damage Drop-Off and Time to Kill

The damage of Prototype 17 also drops off over distance. Let’s take a look at the stats for the time to kill each kit type when shot in the chest up close. We’ll compare both the burst and single-fire modes of Prototype 17 with the M92 and semi-auto pistol for reference.

For headshots, the burst mode of Prototype 17 emerges as the winner in short fights, while the single-fire mode excels in time to kill in most other scenarios. This indicates that the burst mode is only more effective than the M92 or semi-auto pistol in terms of time to kill if it takes three or fewer shots and you aim for critical hit points like the head.

Prototype 17 Attachments and Their Effects

Rust: The Prototype 17

Now, let’s explore the impact of attachments on Prototype 17’s performance. We’ll compare the time to kill by shooting a tank helmet to observe the effects.

  1. Holo Slot Attachment: Provides a two-time zoom bonus and reduces the weapon’s aim cone by 20 percent. This leads to a reduced spread at 100 meters, from 1.31 to 1.05 meters.
  2. Silencer Attachment: While it blocks your view, the silencer also decreases your weapon’s damage and velocity by 25 percent, resulting in a DPS reduction from 445 to 334. However, it conceals your bullet traces and hip direction, making it more challenging for opponents to pinpoint your location.
  3. Laser Sight Attachment: The laser sight reduces your aim cone, hip aim cone, and aim sway. The only drawback is that it may reveal your location. You can toggle it on and off using the ‘F’ key. When the laser sight is off, its benefits will not apply.

Adjusting Aim Cone Spread of the Prototype 17

To provide a visual representation of the adjusted aim cone spread at over 100 meters, check the corresponding attachment.

1) Muzzle Brake Attachment

The Muzzle Brake attachment’s primary objective is to reduce recoil while bringing some negative effects on velocity and aim cone spread. As a result, the weapon’s DPS decreases from 445 to 356. However, this attachment is valuable for improved control during combat.

The Muzzle Boost attachment offers a 10 percent increase in the rate of fire, raising it from 667 to 734 rounds per minute. This boost, however, comes at the cost of reduced damage and velocity. Notably, the time between bursts remains the same.

2) Extended Magazine Attachment

The Extended Magazine increases the gun’s capacity from 18 bullets to 23, with no additional perks or penalties. This attachment allows for more shots before needing to reload.

3) Handmade Sight Attachment

The Handmade Sight slightly reduces the weapon’s zoom by 0.5 times, making it more suitable for close-range engagements.

4) Eight-Time Scope and 16-Time Scope Attachments

Rust: The Prototype 17

Both the Eight-Time and 16-Time Scopes increase the weapon’s recoil by 50 percent. As such, it is not recommended to attach these scopes to the Prototype 17 pistol, especially considering its fast firing rate.

5) Flashlight Attachment

The Flashlight attachment provides light but does not offer any other benefits in terms of weapon performance.

6) Optimal Attachment Setup

Rust: The Prototype 17

Based on performance and versatility, the best attachment setup for Prototype 17 includes the Laser Sight, Handmade Sight, and Muzzle Boost. This combination allows for quicker cycling through burst shots, enhancing overall combat effectiveness. The Handmade Sight can be replaced with any other sight of your preference, as it does not provide any stat benefits, but may help with visibility. 

7) Burst Module 

A new and exciting attachment, the Burst Module, has been introduced to the game. When added to certain weapons, it provides them with a three-round burst, reduced recoil, and an improved aim cone.

To acquire a Burst Module, players need to recycle Prototype 17, breaking it down into its components. Doing so guarantees obtaining one Burst Module. This attachment can only be added to specific weapons, with the semi-automatic rifle being the recommended choice.

Once the Burst Module is attached to a compatible weapon, players can toggle the Burst Mode on and off by pressing M. Similarly, the MP5 and LR300 have inbuilt Burst Modules that can be toggled in the same way. However, recycling an LR300 will grant a Burst Module, but this does not apply to the MP5.

Performance Comparison

Let’s compare the semi-automatic rifle with and without the Burst Module for different scenarios.

  1. Chest Shots: The Burst Module proves less useful for chest shots unless players can quickly take down their target.
  2. Headshots: This is where the Burst Module truly shines. It allows players to land high-damage shots rapidly, making it particularly effective in taking down enemy players.

The Burst Module is most effective for quick and precise shots, especially when aiming for headshots. It cannot be researched or purchased, adding a unique element to its acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I acquire the Prototype 17 pistol in Rust?

Prototype 17 cannot be crafted; it can be found in High-tier crates like locked crates, help crates, and elite crates.

What is the recoil pattern of the Prototype 17 compared to other pistols in Rust?

Prototype 17 offers controlled recoil despite its three-round burst, as demonstrated in a comparison with the M92 pistol.

What are the damage and fire rate stats of the Prototype 17 pistol in Rust?

Prototype 17 deals 40 damage at close range with a burst cyclic rate of 667 rounds per minute.

Can I toggle between burst and single-fire modes with the Prototype 17 in Rust?

Yes, the Prototype 17 features a toggle between burst and single-fire modes using the ‘M’ key.

What is the Burst Module attachment for the Prototype in Rust 17?

The Burst Module grants a three-round burst, reduced recoil, and improved aim cone. It can be obtained by recycling the Prototype 17.

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