Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS 2023)



Every November, you may come across discussions on the internet about a significant Canadian video game-related conference bearing that name. While the general public might not be entirely familiar with the event’s significance, it is undoubtedly a well-known gathering among industry professionals, recognized as the Montreal International Game Summit, also known as LIS (Summer International de Montreal). This annual video game conference takes place in the vibrant city of Montreal and holds immense importance, rivalling if not surpassing renowned expositions like E3 or PAX.

Year after year, professionals from the gaming industry assemble at MIGS to conduct live panels, presentations, and lectures, sharing their valuable insights and expertise, and offering attendees an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of the video game industry. The conference encompasses all aspects of the industry, with a specific focus on business strategies, design, art, and continuous learning.

Established in 2004, MIGS aims to foster the growth of the video game industry from within, supporting both small studios and major players like Ubisoft or Warner Brothers. It serves as a platform for training developers and facilitating collaborations among industry professionals. The event proves to be a golden opportunity for job seekers within the gaming industry, as they can engage directly with recruiters from various Canadian studios.

The public is welcome to attend MIGS and even have a chance to impress recruiters face to face, presenting their resumes and aspirations to work in the gaming industry. Many renowned schools with booths at the event also offer valuable guidance to aspiring game developers.

MIGS is often likened to a more compact version of GDC (Game Developers Conference) without the influx of new trailers and press-related aspects. Yet, despite its smaller scale, MIGS continues to grow at an impressive pace and might even witness the unveiling of the next groundbreaking game engine one day.

Montreal International Games Summit: 2023

Date: November 8 to November 9, 2023
Venue: Marché Bonsecours – 350 St Paul street East, Old Montréal
Location: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Target Audience: Export-ready Canadian video game studios seeking opportunities to expand internationally, as well as associations, organizations, and individuals in the video game industry.
Sector: Arts and cultural industries, Information and communications technologies

Event Description:

If you’re a game lover, then you may visit the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) at the Montreal International Games Summit, better known as MIGS 2023. Since MIGS 2023 is the biggest event in the Canadian video game business, it draws global publishers, distributors, investors, and top creators, offering the ideal setting for networking with foreign customers. This eagerly awaited occasion will provide a variety of thrilling chances, such as:

  1. Opportunities for Business-to-Business (B2B) Networking: The summit will be brimming with chances to interact, work together, and develop crucial business links with people from the industry across the world.
  2. Panels and Masterclasses: Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in stimulating panels and masterclasses led by eminent gaming specialists who will share their specialized expertise and views.
  3. B2B Exhibit Space: A specialized exhibit area will highlight cutting-edge goods and services, promoting connections and joint venture opportunities.

The TCS will deftly maximize MIGS 2023’s potential by coordinating a very successful B2B matching program that painstakingly links the most creative Canadian talent with international relationships. Renowned publishers and investors will be enlisted to participate in this program, offering participants an exceptional chance to meet possible partners in person. Respected Trade Commissioners from several nations will also be there to discuss the chances for gaming companies to expand internationally.

Building on the success of the previous event, which saw over 50 Canadian businesses successfully connect with foreign buyers from Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, amounting to over 240 B2B meetings, MIGS 2023 is poised to exceed expectations and open up a world of possibilities for the Canadian gaming industry.

Register to Attend:

For Canadian companies seeking to participate in the TCS MIGS program, an email should be sent to: to secure a spot.

Why Your Organization Should Participate:

By actively engaging in MIGS 2023, your organization stands to gain numerous advantages, such as:

  1. Insights and Market Intelligence: Gain invaluable knowledge and understanding of current industry trends and market dynamics, setting your organization up for future success.
  2. Meeting Key Commercial Entities and Industry Players: Forge connections with influential figures, potential buyers, investors, and partners from across the globe, fostering growth and collaboration.
  3. Networking Events: Participate in a series of networking events, providing the perfect platform to interact with industry peers and experts.
  4. Pre-Organized B2B Meetings: Benefit from pre-arranged B2B meetings, tailor-made to fit your organization’s needs, enabling you to showcase your products or services to a targeted audience.
  5. Product/Service Pitching to Selected Audiences: Present your offerings to a focused audience, attracting the attention of potential clients and partners.
  6. On-the-Ground Assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service: The Trade Commissioner Service is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance and support, ensuring your organization is well-equipped for international success.

Trade Commissioner(s) Involvement:

The Trade Commissioner Service plays a vital role in MIGS 2023, actively supporting participants through:

  1. Organized Activities: The TCS will organize various activities to optimize the summit experience for all attendees.
  2. Business-to-Business Meetings: Facilitating crucial B2B meetings, connecting Canadian talent with global contacts.
  3. Pavilion/Exhibit: Providing a dedicated space to showcase your organization’s offerings.
  4. Product Pitch to Select Audiences: Assisting in presenting your products or services to targeted audiences.

Contact gaming industry expert and Trade Commissioner Etienne Lapalme at for individualized assistance and details on MIGS 2023 and other pertinent events. Canadian exporters and businesses that fit certain client requirements can use the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service’s services without paying a fee.

In conclusion, MIGS 2023 is a shining example of quality and innovation in the gaming sector. An unrivalled chance to prosper, learn, and interact with global rivals is promised by attending this spectacular event in Montreal in November. Your company will certainly reach new heights in the dynamic world of video games because of the priceless experiences, insights, and contacts made during MIGS 2023. If you want to attend, reserve your spot right now! Visit Jump Fox Jump and the official MIGS YouTube channel for more thorough coverage of MIGS 2014.

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