Today, we’ll be exploring the ten hardest bosses in Genshin Impact. Have you faced any of these formidable enemies and emerged victorious? Let us know in the comments below. Without any further delay let’s come with me so we start discussing the 10 Hardest Genshin Impact Bosses.

10) Geohypostasis

The Geohypostasis is one of the six Hypostasis cubes representing different elements in Genshin Impact. While not the most challenging boss for experienced players, it can still be a frustrating encounter. You’ll need to destroy the pillars that appear around the arena to deal damage, and the boss becomes invulnerable when yellow cubes orbit its body during specific attacks. The Geohypostasis can heal itself at low health if you can’t destroy the last three pillars quickly. Its pulse and meteor shower attacks can be dangerous, so having fast-moving characters in your party is crucial.

9) Cryo-Regisvine

Among the Whopperflowers, the Cryo-Regisvine stands out as the most troublesome, especially if encountered early in the game. It’s an aggressive variant of the Regisvine, dealing massive area-of-effect damage and applying debuffs if not dealt with swiftly. To make matters worse, this boss scales with your level, becoming more formidable as you progress. Breaking its Cryo core is essential, but you must act quickly, or it’ll come back to freeze you into submission.

8) Stormterror Dvalin

Stormterror Dvalin, an animal elemental dragon, presents players with numerous attack patterns, making it a formidable challenge. Encountered early in the game, this weekly boss can be quite challenging for inexperienced players. Players must understand how to break its shield and attack the blood clot corrupting it. On top of its massive attacks, the boss destroys the environment, forcing you to navigate between platforms. Optimizing your party for the fight is crucial, but you must remain cautious around this dragon.

7) Childe Tartaglia

Childe Tartaglia, also known as Ajax, might be a powerful playable character later in the game, but his boss incarnation is on another level. He is a multi-phase boss with various attack styles. In his first phase, he launches mostly hydro ranged attacks but switches to quick melee electro attacks in the second phase. Watch out for his devastating plunge attack. As he enters the Foul Legacy state, he becomes hard to pin down while using a mix of weapons. This isn’t a fight where you can simply overpower your way to victory. Keep your finger on the dash button to evade his wrath.

6) Pyro Hypostasis

The Pyro iteration of the Hypostasis cubes is far deadlier than its Geo counterpart. You must be incredibly efficient at extinguishing its fire seeds and destroying its core to capitalize on its small punishment windows. These vulnerabilities were so challenging that developers had to increase their duration in newer patches. Mistime your attacks, and the Pyro Hypostasis will rapidly burn through your HP before you can react, leaving you no time to switch to a dedicated healer. Never before have mystical shapes been so infuriating.

5) Fatui Skirmishers

These humanoid swordsmen, despite being malfunctioning machines, excel at being deadly combatants. As you chip away at their health, their attacks become faster, deadlier, and imbued with different elements. They possess the ability to create a phantom self and auto-parry, making them challenging foes. Their plentiful invincibility frames demand precise timing of your attacks. To conquer the Fatui Skirmishers, you must hit with every shot and unleash your strongest assaults at the opportune moments; otherwise, they will simply wait for your energy bars to deplete before slicing you to pieces.

4) Geovishap

When Zhongli, a vessel for one of the gods in Genshin Impact, decides to steal you away, you know the creature is lethal. Geovishap are already dangerous foes in Liyue, but encountering a Primo version takes the challenge to another level. This legendary elemental dragon taps into multiple elements during the fight, typically two at a time. Moreover, it possesses resistance against all elements, most notably Geovishap and physical attacks. Whichever approach you take, you’re in for a formidable battle. Ensure you have a shielder in your team to prevent being one-shotted.

3) Andrius

If you dare to take on the Wolf of the North challenge, be prepared for a tough fight. You won’t merely face a massive canine; you’ll be battling the spirit of the Mondstadt god. Andrius never stands still, dealing severe damage with enormous area-of-effect attacks. Additionally, he is immune to both Cryo and Anemo damage, ruling out some of Genshin Impact’s most powerful characters.

Facing these ten hardest bosses in Genshin Impact can be a daunting task. To increase your chances of victory, learning their attack patterns and attacking from a distance is essential. However, even with careful preparation, some of these formidable foes might still dominate your party in battle.

2) La Signora

La Signora, an Adeptus from the Fatui, is one of the most powerful enemies with a tragic origin. After her lover’s death during the cataclysm, she transformed into living flames fueled by anger. As you progress through her progressively more lethal phases, she switches from Cryo to Pyro, inflicting massive area-of-effect debuffs and devastating attacks. Your best strategy is to neutralize her debuffs swiftly and deal punishing blows while you can. Overcome the challenges she poses before facing her, and remember that the Crimson Witch of Embers won’t burn out quickly.

1) Raiden Shogun

The Oceanid of Chinju Forest is a boss that can cause players considerable hassle, to the point where teaming up with others becomes encouraged in guides. This boss doesn’t fight players directly but uses hydroclones to prolong the battle. It becomes even more complicated if you don’t bring a ranged character and can’t reach her hawk mimics. While you can use cryo to immobilize her minions easily, her primary form is not to be underestimated. The best approach is to keep your distance and avoid her attacks like the plague. However, with her attacks covering half of the arena, successfully dodging them can be a challenge, making the encounter with Raiden Shogun truly rage-inducing.


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