Rust 13 Pro Tips for Traps and Base Enhancements


Explore these 14 advanced strategies for boosting your Rust base defenses, from using turrets cleverly to outsmarting raiders with bait.


Tip 1: Turrets vs. Balloons

Turrets can shoot through balloons without damaging them, providing a clever advantage in certain situations.

Tip 2: Smart Use of Spikes

Create a spike trap by placing spikes inside your base, catching unsuspecting intruders.

Tip 3: Baiting with Seat Placement

Trap door campers by having a friend sit in a seat near your base, forcing the camper to open the door and fall into your trap.

Tip 4: Sticky Grenades

Use sticky grenades to deal with door campers and hostile players by attaching them to doors and windows.

Tip 5: Grenades through Ladder

Hatches Toss grenades through ladder hatches to surprise enemies on lower levels of your base.

Tip 6: Chain Link Fences and Turrets

Understand that two chain link fences cannot be shot through, but turrets can still target and hit you through them.

Tip 7: High Ground Evasion

When being chased by animals or AI, try to jump from high ground to create distance and avoid damage.

Tip 8: Running and Shooting with Bows

Learn the technique of running and shooting with bows by repeatedly holding and releasing the right mouse button.

Tip 9: Utilizing the Contact System

The Contact System helps you identify players you have recently encountered, making it useful for keeping track of friend or foe.

Tip 10: Muting and Reporting Players

Use the Contact System to mute and report players who exhibit inappropriate behavior or toxic communication.

Tip 11: Baiting with Rockets

Outsmart raiders by baiting them into shooting rockets at your base and avoiding their devastating effects.

Tip 12: Trap Base Mechanics

Improve your trap base designs and mechanics by exploring unique ideas and strategies.

Tip 13: Avoiding Toxic Behavior

Be a respectful player and avoid engaging in toxic behavior that can negatively impact the game for others.

Frequently asked questions:

1: How can I effectively deal with door campers and hostile players in the game?

Learn to counter-door campers and hostile players by utilizing sticky grenades. Attach them to doors and windows to thwart their advances.

2: What are some ways to enhance my trap base designs and mechanics for better results?

Improve your trap base designs and mechanics through innovative strategies and ideas, ensuring a more formidable defense against intruders.

3: How can the Contact System benefit me in the game?

The Contact System is a valuable tool that helps you keep track of players you’ve recently encountered, allowing you to distinguish between friend and foe more effectively.

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